Know Your Neighbors Game!

On Monday, September 10, 2012, we are bringing back our daily trivia game where our viewers can win some fantastic prizes. Windy City LIVE'S "Know Your Neighbors Game!" is a "watch and win" trivia game rewarding viewers who watch the show with prizes for recalling information shared on the show about Windy City LIVE's viewing area.

Each day a Metro Chicago neighborhood/city/suburb/town will be randomly selected to be Windy City LIVE's NEIGHBOR FOR THE DAY. Once the NEIGHBOR OF THE DAY is selected, we'll ask viewers to share facts about it. We'll reveal some of those facts on the air during the show and the next day ask one lucky viewer, chosen at random, will be telephoned on the show and asked to recall any one of the facts to win a great prize. It's that simple. You could win trips, stays in luxurious Chicago hotels, electronics and so much more!!!

To participate in the Windy City LIVE "KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS GAME," simply complete the registration form below for your chance to be selected. You can enter once per day, per person, per email address and other rules and restrictions do apply so be sure to READ THE OFFICIAL RULES.

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